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Understanding This Period of Job Transition


Understand the pivotal changes you must make in this period of job transition and the essence of the OJT ministry.

Fear Factor

By Cory Minter

Learn the lies we tell ourselves when we’re in a state of fear and how fear can begin to control us if we let it.

Getting The Most Out Of The Program

By Dymian Kritikos

Learn how to get the most out of your participation in OJT and the best practices you can implement today to improve your job search opportunities.

Humble Inquiry: An Invitation to a Conversational Dance

By Dr. Frank Wantland

Learn why it’s important to take a self-inventory of your strengths, passions, talents, and core values as you progress during this period of job transition.

Leveraging LinkedIn for Career Success

By Kari Mirabel

Learn the basics of LinkedIn and how you can get started in your creation of an effective networking profile.

LinkedIn Proficiency

By Russ Knight

Take your LinkedIn game to the next level and learn how to optimize every aspect of your profile to increase your chances of connecting with recruiters and potential employers.

The 10 New Career Commandments

By J.T. O'Donnell

Learn the 10 new career commandments that are essential to performing well in any role and pivotal to your job search.

Welcome to OJT


Learn how to get started with your involvement in the OJT ministry and how you can write a “C.A.R.” resume that tells your story and helps land interviews.

Your Broken Resume and How to Fix It

By Russ Knight

Learn the common mistakes people make when creating a resume and how to fix these issues.

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