Overcoming Job Transition offers free personalized career coaching to out-of-work Tulsans.
Periods of joblessness are a time of self-reflection and weigh heavily on our minds. During these times, we have to face tough questions about who we are as professionals.

Job transition: A time of self-examination

Periods of job transition are difficult and weigh heavy on our minds and spirits. And during this time, we’re brought face-to-face with tough questions about ourselves and our professional lives.

  • Am I on the right career path?

  • What do I actually bring to the table?

  • What motivates me to perform at a high level?

  • What are my goals?

Meet Your Career Coaches

Dr. Frank Wantland offers personalized career coaching at Overcoming Job Transition.

Dr. Frank Wantland

Frank has been a volunteer coach with OJT since its inception. His insights into career development were learned hands-on as a manager and director of people development for Cities Service Company in Tulsa and Exxon USA in Houston. His coaching skills were honed during a seven-year involvement in the human potential movement in San Francisco. His strength is in helping individuals re-perceive themselves, their story, and their future.

Ed Miller is the Program Director at OJT

Ed Miller

Ed Miller draws upon his 30+ years of multinational marketing and communications experience to help out-of-work Tulsans recognize the power of sharing their story. Working alongside job seekers, Ed helps them craft their life’s experiences and unique skills into a powerful value proposition that unlocks job opportunities.

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Be ready to talk about the career you want. We'll help with your resume, put a networking plan in place, build your LinkedIn profile and practice interview questions.

How does personal career coaching help?

Our ministry, Overcoming Job Transition, helps you understand and refine your professional story -- the story of how your life, career, and endeavors have shaped you into the professional you are today.

You develop your story.

Your story is the combination of skills, passions, and values that define your professional life and shows employers the unique strengths that you possess.

Overcoming Job Transition helps job-seeking Tulsans understand the unique strengths that they bring to employers.

You recognize the values that drive you.

Throughout your coaching sessions, you’ll recognize the core values and character traits that motivate you to do your best work.

Learn the core personal and professional values that motivate your passion for your career and inspire you to do your best work.

You discover your unique strengths.

Together, you and your coach will discover the skills and talents that make you uniquely valuable to employers.

Our personal career coaches help you chart a course for career success and teach you how to sell your story to employers.

You create a plan for success.

We help you create a plan for your advancement and success in a career path that’s in alignment with your passion, skills, and values.

What is personal career coaching?

Our career coaching consists of personalized, one-on-one sessions and self-examination exercises guided by our veteran career coaches. Working together, our coaches help you better understand who you are as a professional and the underlying values and skill sets that ignite your passion and make you uniquely valuable.

Personalized career coaching helps you understand your unique talents, stengths, and what motivates you to do your best work.

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How does the coaching process work?

Sign up for personalized career coaching at Overcoming Job Transition of Tulsa, OK.

Sign up for personal coaching.

You’ll first need to let our team know that you’re interested in personal career coaching.

One you've signed up for personalized career coaching, you'll then need to send our career coaching team your resume.

Send in your resume.

We’ll set you up with one of our career coaches, and you’ll send them your resume.

Your Overcoming Job Transition career coach will then send you a starter kit wherein you'll define your core values, goals, and the successes that highlight key points in your career.

Complete the Starter Kit.

Your career coach will send you the Starter Kit. In it, you’ll define your core values, goals, and your past successes.

Next in the process, you'll attend your first meeting with your personal career coach.

Attend the first meeting.

With your coach, you’ll dive into discovering your story, how you define yourself, and the core values and strengths that make you uniquely valuable.

In our career coaching sessions, you'll understand what's missing in your current career trajectory, how to course correct, what values underpin your passion for your work, and how to align yourself with long-term success in your career.

Continue your self-discovery.

Between meetings, you’ll examine what’s missing in your career, how those needs align with your values, and define your long-term career goals.

Our personal career coaches will help you create an actionable plan of success for your career.

Create a plan of success together.

In the following meetings, you and your coach will discuss your goals, how to translate them into an actionable plan, and how to construct your life and networks in order to achieve those goals.

Request Personal Coaching

Our personal coaching meeting hours are from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at New York Bagel Cafe on 71st and Yale.

Request personal coaching sessions by signing up during any OJT meeting or through our contact page.

Request Personal Coaching Sessions
Meet with your Overcoming Job Transition career coach at New York Bagel Cafe in Tulsa, OK.

9:30 - 10:30a

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New York Bagel Cafe
6805 S Yale Ave
Tulsa, OK 74136

Paul Hiller is an alumni of Overcoming Job Transition in Tulsa, OK and benefitted greatly from Dr. Frank Wantland's personalized career coaching.

Meet others who have received OJT personal career coaching.

“I have benefited specifically from Frank's keen counseling during two job hunts. He is a master when it comes to distilling seemingly unrelated career highlights into purposeful stories...”

- Paul Hiller

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