Overcoming Job Transition of Tulsa, OK provides outplacement support for local businesses.
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Resizing your workforce is never an easy task.

Whether adapting to a difficult economic climate or a major business pivot, there are times within the lifecycle of every organization where tough decisions must be made and staff size must be reduced. Unfortunately, these difficult transitions often generate poor outcomes:

  • Burnt bridges with your former talent

  • Reduced industry reputation

  • Greatly diminished morale among remaining staff

What is Outplacement Support?

Outplacement support is the process of equipping the exiting members of your workforce with the training and guidance they need to find new jobs with organizations fit their strengths, align with their passions, and help them further their overall career track.

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How Does Outplacement Help Exiting Staff?

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It equips them to succeed.

Your exiting staff is equipped with up-to-date job hunting training and coaching that helps them discover their unique skills and effectively market their story.

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It creates valuable connections.

We help your staff create a strong professional network, teach them how to grow that network, how to harness it to create interview and placement opportunities.

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They find jobs that fit their goals.

We help your exiting staff find job placement opportunities that are in alignment with their core values, professional strengths, and overall career goals.

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They feel supported & empowered.

Being let go is always hard, but rather than feeling completely abandoned, your exiting staff feels supported and empowered through the training we provide.

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How Does Outplacement help your organization?

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You retain goodwill with former staff.

By providing outplacement, you communicate to your staff that even though this difficult decision to separate had to be made, you’re still there to support them.

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You demonstrate industry leadership.

Few companies invest in the wellbeing of their workforce by providing outplacement support, and by doing so, you set the example for your industry’s resizing practices.

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You protect your reputation.

By offering outplacement support, you ensure your exiting staff doesn’t feel maligned and reduce the potential impact of negative reviews and bad word-of-mouth.

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You bolster remaining staff morale.

After a resizing, the remaining members of your staff can feel worried about their job security. By offering outplacement support, you clearly communicate your care about their wellbeing, bolstering internal morale.

Supplemental, supportive, and non-competitive outplacement.

Our goal is simply to equip Tulsans with the tools and knowledge they need to find jobs -- not compete with outplacement support firms. If you’re already partnered with an existing outplacement firm, we can be a supportive team that supplements their services or helps fill in the gaps where needed. Wherever our ministry can help you better prepare your exiting staff for the job hunt, we’re there.

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A perfect outplacement fit for small-to-mid-sized organizations.

Outplacement is a worthwhile investment for any organization to offers its exiting staff; however, the costs can be prohibitive to smaller-sized organizations. Throughout our years of helping Tulsans find work, we’ve found our ministry is often a perfect fit for organizations seeking to empower and equip their exiting staff for the job hunt.

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