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Connect with well-qualified Tulsa professionals.

Our ministry helps hundreds of Tulsans each year connect with organizations just like yours who are in search of top-quality professionals that demonstrate a clear desire to produce excellent work and collaborate effectively with others.

Supportive talent acquisition for organizations of any size.

Our ministry’s aim is to equip out-of-work Tulsans with the tools they need to succeed in their job hunt — not compete with talent acquisition firms.

If you’re already using a firm, we can supplement their efforts and act in a supportive capacity, or if you’re a small business looking for local talent across a wide breadth of industries, we can be that perfect fit.

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How does OJT talent acquisition help your organization?

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Hiring locally saves resources.

Local hires demand fewer resources in the time, cost, and energy it takes to contact, vet, and interview them.

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Relocation is largely a non-issue.

Our pool of talented professionals already calls the Tulsa area their home, saving everyone the costs and hassle of relocation.

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Vetting is faster & easier.

Local candidates typically rely on local references and networks, making the vetting process all the more expedient and verifiable.

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You fill positions quicker.

By hiring locally, you save a substantial amount of time throughout nearly every portion of the hiring process, filling positions quicker.

Interested in the Mission of OJT Tulsa?

Help us encourage, equip, and energize the job seekers of Tulsa.

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Learn more about our ministry and meet talented job seekers.

Everyone is welcome at our weekly meeting and workshop sessions and we’d like to invite you to join us. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about OJT’s mission, meet our leadership and volunteers, and interact with some of Tulsa’s most talented job seekers.

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Interested in the Mission of OJT Tulsa?

Help us encourage, equip, and energize the job seekers of Tulsa.