Be energized and inspired on your job search by Overcoming Job Transition's motivational speakers.
Overcoming Job Transition's motivational speakers hail from every industry and walk of life -- each sharing unique and valuable insight on how you can take charge of your job search, make meaningful connections, and find work.

Learn directly from nationally-recognized thought leaders.

Ranging from industry-shaping thought leaders to nationally-recognized business and hiring experts, our speakers uplift, inspire, and help you take charge of your job search journey.

Gain new perspectives and actionable knowledge.

Our speakers are no stranger to the hardship that is the job-seeking journey. Sharing their tried-and-tested insights and the step-by-step processes that have fueled their successes, our speakers help you gain a new perspective on your journey and understand the next best steps towards overcoming job transition.

Overcoming Job Transition's motivational speakers offer real, actionable insight that empowers you to understand the modern job search market, how to best present yourself, and how to become a better professional in your industry.

Upcoming OJT Speakers

Chris Zervas is a Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Author at Leadership Vision, LLC in Tulsa, OK

June 4th, 2020

Chris Zervas

Keynote Speaker, Trainer & Author, Leadership Vision, LLC

Chris Zervas, renowned keynote speaker and business leadership expert, helps job seekers, employees, and corporate leaders alike build meaningful professional relationships that open the doors to career advancement, hiring opportunities, and business growth.

Ed Miller is the Principal at Miller Sales Group in Tulsa, OK

June 11th, 2020

Ed Miller

Principal, Miller Sales Group

Ed Miller draws upon his 30+ years of multinational marketing and communications experience to help out-of-work Tulsans craft their life’s experiences and unique skills into a powerful value proposition that unlocks job opportunities.

Tim Smith is a Project Executive at ADMI in San Jose, California

June 18th, 2020

Tim Smith

Project Executive, ADMI

With 25+ years of leading development and projects with global companies including Sony and Disney, Tim Smith is a business development and management expert who is passionate about helping people recognize their strengths and strategically approach their job search.

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How to Get the Most from our Speaker Sessions

Job seekers who attend our motivational speaker sessions should aim to attend early in order to grab a good seat and network with others.

Attend Regularly
& Early

Each week, arrive early to grab a good seat, network with others, meet with our volunteers and staff, and to have time to prepare notes and questions.

We encourage job-seeking Tulsans to take notes during our motivational speaker sessions, as there's always new and valuable insight to be had and employed within your job search.

Take Notes &
Ask Questions

Taking notes and asking questions helps you better absorb the insights provided by our speakers and helps you directly apply it to your unique job search.

We encourage attendees of Overcoming Job Transition's motivational speaker meetings to discuss what they've learned with others, as it helps solidify what was learned during the speaker session.

Discuss What
You’ve Learned

Through our LinkedIn group and workshops, discussion promotes deeper understanding of the lesson and how it applies to your job search.

Join Us Every Thursday

Learn from a new speaker every week at the Thomas Parker Hall of the First United Methodist Church in Tulsa.

Speakers begin imparting at 12:15, but come at 11:30a to get valuable information during our Launch Pad. There is no RSVP necessary.

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Overcoming Job Transition's motivational speaker meetings are held in the Thomas Parker Hall of the First United Methodist Church on South Boulder Avenue in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Every Thursday
11:30a - 12:15p Launch Pad
12:15a - 1:00p Speakers

Thomas Parker Hall
First United Methodist Church
1115 S. Boulder Ave
Tulsa, OK 74119

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Eduardo Nunez is an alumni of Overcoming Job Transition and found great value in the motivational speaker sessions held by our ministry.

How have our speakers impacted OJT alumni?

“Keep up the great work. The speakers I was fortunate to listen to were all great and inspiring.”

- Eduardo Nunez

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