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Guide Contents

Getting Started

Phase One

Phase Two

2001 - What’s Next? Phase Two

Begin getting comfortable with writing, crafting your resume, cover letters, listing specific career accomplishments and more as you progress on your job search.

2002 - Accomplishments: Creating Your Specifics

Learn how to effectively list your accomplishments on your resume and recognize the unique contributions and talents you bring to employers.

2003 - Your Two-Minute Drill

Create an overview of your professional history, key accomplishments, and learn to express your interest and qualifications for a position.

2005 - Resumes Overview

Learn what makes an effective resume, how you should structure yours, how to interpret feedback, and answers to common resume questions.

2006 - Chronological Resumes

Learn what a chronological resume is, the pros and cons of a chronological resume, and review an example chronological resume you can use to build your own.

2007 - Functional Resumes

Learn what a functional resume is, its advantages and disadvantages versus a chronological resume, and how you can build your own.

2008 - Launch Pad, Business Cards, LinkedIn & More

Learn how to engage with the OJT launch pad, create effective and professional business cards, begin setting up your LinkedIn account and more.

2009 - Website List

Leverage these job hunting websites — including Oklahoma-specific sites — to begin taking charge of your online job search.

2901 - Action Verbs for Resumes

Use these action-oriented verbs to make your resume stand out from the pack, get you noticed, and help secure fruitful interviews.

2902 - The 16 Magic Qualities Employers Look For

Learn the 16 key qualities that employers look for when deciding whether or not a candidate will fit within their organization.

2903 - Resume Example: Chester Lohman, Training Manager

Use this example resume and what you’ve learned thus far to craft your own resume, list your accomplishments, and effectively share your story.

2904 - The Summary Statement in Your Resume

Learn what not to do when crafting your resume’s summary statement and how you can write a unique and effective statement that communicates your intent and value.

Phase Three

3001 - Final Steps: Networking

In this overview of phase three, learn why networking is vital to a successful job search and how you can best prepare for — and take advantage of — networking opportunities

3002 - Networking Yourself in Today’s Market

Gain a deep understanding of what comprises effective networking and how to successfully network yourself in the modern job search environment.

3002.01 - Your 1-Page Networking Sheet

By crafting an effective networking “one sheet,” you can create higher quality connections that are in alignment with your job search goals.

3003 - 11 Networking Keys to Remember

Each personal connection you make in your networking journey is an opportunity. Use these 11 keys to make more meaningful and fruitful connections.

3004 - Final Steps: Interviews

In this overview, learn how to effectively prepare for interviews, and gain an understanding of the remaining lessons on interviews you’ll encounter in this guide.

3005 - Interview Questions to Ask

Learn which questions you should ask during your interviews, the value those questions yield, and how you should phrase them.

3006 - Using Your Accomplishments in Interviews

Learn how to build a list of professional accomplishments that you’ve achieved and how you can prudently reference them during interviews.

3007 - Answering Tough Interview Questions

Learn how to answer tough interview questions on salary expectations, accomplishments, greatest strengths & weaknesses, and more.

3008 - Strategies for Answering Compensation Questions

Questions of compensation, salary, and benefits can be hairy for everyone involved. Learn how to deftly answer these questions with this helpful guide.

3901 - Example: Job Search Phone List

Using this example phone list, you can track of contacts, know where you’ve left your resume, record feedback, and grow your network.

3902 - Template: Individual Contact Record

Using this contact record template, record important details concerning your contacts with potential employers, members of your network, and recruiters.

3903 - Template: Your Career Transition Ladder

Use this document to track how your network is growing, the leads you’ve gained, and the meetings you’re securing while on the job hunt.

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