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I have visited OJT for the first time this past Tuesday and I’d like to thank you for everything you guys do. It’s absolutely incredible!

I had no idea OJT existed till Glen Hall mentioned that to me.
I’m currently employed by Phillips66, but looking for opportunities in Tulsa. I got some great tips from Ed during his networking session. I think Kim does an outstanding job coaching job seekers and everyone who is reaching out to her.
Great team, awesome job and big thank you to all of you! 👍


Keep up the great work.  The speakers I was fortunate to listen to were all great and inspiring.

~ Eduardo Nunez

A recent Thank You letter sent to OJT (May 2016):

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“I have used attended the outreach during two different job searches…… the launch pad gave an opportunity to practice giving my elevator speech and making a presentation about myself. I received feedback on my resume. I received a few contacts. More importantly, the people present knew more about me as to gain more knowledge about me than what was on the resume. I was given feedback that really rang true on my first “trip. When others were on the launch pad, I learned that others had contacts that might be of help to me. My thoughts are that the launch pad is the greatest networking tool of OJT.”

For me I received:

  1. A safe place to go each week during my search (calendar)
  2. An opportunity to learn from and meet others (networking)
  3. A place to present myself (Launch Pad) and to see inputs,
  4. To be supported, encouraged and nudged out of my comfort zone

~  John M. Carter, CPIM, C.P.M. CIRM


Launch Pad launched my career!

Steve Evans CTED. || Supply Chain || MFG ||Career Coaching


Unfortunately I lost my job at the end of 2015.  I had the good fortune of having Overcoming Job Transition suggested to me by Russ Knight and Jeff McMains.  My introduction to OJT could not have been better timed.  Having not had to search for a job in over 6 years, I was ill-equipped for today’s job search process.  OJT provided guidance in how to craft a professional resume’, sound advice on how to update my LinkedIn profile and a willing ear as I crafted my career “story”.  The staff of volunteers was so helpful and over the course of my 6 week unemployment I found myself looking forward to our Thursday lunch meetings.  I even attended a few Tuesday night meetings at Asbury and thought these were the perfect compliment to the Thursday gatherings.

After 6 weeks of unemployment,  I found gainful employment in a field that interests me greatly.  My work is rewarding and I owe a great deal to the men and women volunteers of OJT.  I would recommend (and have) Overcoming Job Transition to anyone who is either looking to better their career or secure a job.

With much gratitude,

Mark G. Kohn



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