Sub Groups

Informal “Small” Groups within OJT have existed for years.   During your job search, we believe when individuals are in ‘COMMUNITY’ and ‘ACCOUNTABLE’ to others they really try to help each other and great things happen.

The list below is very informal and subject to change often as individuals end up deployed to new jobs etc.  Please update us on changes as they are needed. Thanks.

Supply Chain / Operations / Quality :

Information Technology (IT):

Sales and Marketing:

Human Resources:

Engineering / Project Management / Technical:

  • Every other Thursday 1 p.m.   FUMC (after OJT)
  • Contact – David Krueger –   Leader

Finance / Administration:

Recommended “Standing Agenda”  for Sub-Group Facilitators:

  •  Please bring questions and ideas to see how you can help each other out:
  • How many new contacts (i.e. Networking activity) have you made since last Thursday?
    • How did you acquire them? (describe => events, phone call, LinkedIn or email, face-to-face meeting, etc.)
  • What techniques taught at OJT are you using and where have they been successful or unsuccessful?
    • How can we help you as a group?
  • What companies (suggest having a list of ~25-75) are you targeting or trying to get interviews set up but are stuck?
    • What job leads did you acquire and how did you get them?
  • Where have you interviewed and what is the status?
  • Have you gone on launch pad in the last two months?
  • Have you been to one of the Workshops (RiverOaks or Asbury) in the last three months?
    • Did you go through all four breakouts sessions?