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    Jim Blazer:  Networking Centers of Influence


    1. “Networking” is the word we use but this think about how to connect to “Centers of Influence” instead
      1. This is a How-To that has worked for MANY others in OJT over the last 8.5 years.
    1. Be BOLD …ask anyone
      1. Start with your inner circle and work out – Networking Leads Tracker
        1. Family, Close friends
        2. Old friends from grade school
        3. Alumni groups
        4. Hobby groups
        5. Prior work colleagues
        6. Etc.
      2. 1st practice your 30 second elevator speech
        1. 2 Minute Drill
      3. Goal is to get THAT person to make the contacts they have
        1. Eventually you want their name, title , email address, US Mail address, how
          1. BUT show patience
        2. Advises to AVOID calling a ‘referral’ directly even though you DO HAVE permission to do this.
          1. It is more powerful to have an ‘INTRO” call made for you.
            1. BE patient
    1. Steps to follow ONCE you get new “centers of influence “ Names and “INTRO” is made:
      1. Email resume
        1. Follow up with hard copy in the US Mail with a personal note
      2. Call them 3-4 days after you US Mail hard copy.
        1. IF you leave voice mail, back up with an email to that effect that you called
      3. When you finally get with each person,
        1. Ask THEM about their professional background 1st….
          1. WHY? You start the interview showing interest and take NOTES
            1. Always have something to take notes on
              1. See low-cost Composition Notebook example
              2. EACH PERSON gets their OWN PAGE for notes
          2. In Closing, Ask them to think about others that could help you
            1. Saying you will call back in a week or two for the names they have. (NO Pressure now!)
          3. Send personal (‘hand written’) thank you the SAME day
            1. Follow-Up – Use that as a reason to call them a week later
              1. To simply ask “hope you got my personal thank you “
            2. Purpose of all THIS
              1. It is like P.O.P. (POINT OF PURCHASE) in a grocery store, it puts YOU in the BEST position to be found by those who need what you can do.

    What is your NEXT move?

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