Welcome Letter

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Hello all!  We are so glad you came to a weekly OJT session at FUMC or to the Workshops.  OJT provides help to ANY job seeker via encouragement (mindset), equipping (tools) and energizing (motivation/guidance) them.

We are a great resource with free content on resumes, networking, interviewing, and LinkedIn profiles, just to name a few.  Our Resources page has more info from some of the OJT (it was called ETM) founders. (Bob Costello)

Come as often as possible!  You will take away nuggets of information for your job search every week!  (nearly everyone on the Leadership team has been through the exact situation you are in right now)

The format is the same week to week at FUMC

  1. The session starts with a short intro to get people thinking about the Launch Pad
    1. Two people on the Launch Pad (FAQ here)  give their <5 min overview and then receive information from which everyone in the room can benefit. (~20 min total)
  2. A dynamic speaker will speak on various topics and might facilitate a break-out discussion ranging from developing a positive mindset, personal branding, 2 Minute Drill (elevator speech),  resumes, interviewing, networking, LinkedIn, and body language.

We have excellent, resourceful materials and 2 monthly Workshops. (1st and 3rd Tuesdays)

Everything we share is now on our website.

Also, have a look at the ABOUT page as it has some video clips of how OJT (#OJTulsa is hashtag we use) started. 

Engage with OJT (#OJTTulsa) members outside of the meetings at:

(1) Linkedin at our OJTTulsa Linkedin Group:  It is a closed group so you must request to join. (to keep spammers out and makes sure everyone feels safe to engage on sensitive topics as needed).  It is currently at 850+ members.

(2) Facebook at our OJTTulsa FB Page 

The volunteers involved with OJT are listed on this page if you would to connect to them individually via email.

Ed Miller is the weekly Lead Facilitator at FUMC.

We have an ‘Open’ Role for the Asbury Workshop Lead along with Theresa Smith, Kim Armstrong & others.

Glen Hall, Bill Boyd  & others lead the RiverOaks Workshop.

Leonard Reitz, Steve Evans, Rick Coltman & Gip Gipson (one of the Founders) are some of the familiar faces you will see on Thursdays. (this list can vary – YOU can JOIN US  – Ask us how!)

Again think about the Launch Pad. We are giving you the first shot at the Launch Pad for next week!  Get your request in early!  Here is a FAQ  You’ll be so glad participated in the Launch Pad! (750+ others have the last 8.5 yrs.  It works.)

launch pad presenter view Frank Wantland

Thanks again for coming.  God has a plan for you, and we would like to help with the facilitation!

Ed Miler and Glen Hall
OJTTulsa (at) gmail.com

OJT History via Bill Johnson:   Leader from 2009 through 2014